House party songs vol.6 – Feel the vibe in the air | yourDJ fresh house mix 2022

Hi everyone, after a longer break from house music compilation of party hits‼️ I decied to record this type of music🤘. Mix operates largely on commercial music and is a mix of house and dance music. Have a great time. Music spin me around and around! Try it. Stay with power of music!


 🎤Richard Grey, Eddie Pay     🔊   21 Questions (Original Mix)

 🎤Airwolf Paradise     🔊   Don’t Hurt Me Baby (Adelphi Music Factory Remix)

 🎤Nari     🔊   Keep The Bassline (Original Mix)

 🎤Nari, Steve Tosi     🔊   Saved My Life (Original Mix)

 🎤Richard Grey, Robin S, Dead As Disko     🔊   Show Me Love (2021 Disco Rework)

 🎤Nari, Steve Tosi     🔊   Miami (Original Mix)

 🎤Nari     🔊   Party People (Original Mix)

 🎤Tobtok, Oliver Nelson, The Flirtations     🔊   Nothing But A Heartache (Extended Mix)

 🎤Disco Gurls     🔊   Tiger Eyes (Extended Mix)

 🎤GhostMasters     🔊   Spinning Around (Extended Mix)

 🎤Sgt Slick     🔊   Love Is Blind (Extended Mix)

 🎤Joe Stone     🔊   Make Love (Clean) (Extended)

 🎤Beyonce feat. Jay Z     🔊   Crazy In Love (Clavette & Racketclub Remix) (Dirty)

 🎤Voost, The Weeknd     🔊   Trust I Feel It Coming (DanFX Mashup)

 🎤Valiant Kings, Hector Reverb     🔊   That Vibe (Original Mix)

 🎤Block & Crown, Martina Budde     🔊   Let’s Celebrate (Original Mix)

 🎤Fatboy Slim     🔊   Praise You (Remix) (Twinsick Extended Remix)

 🎤Block & Crown     🔊   Ma Quale Idea (Club Mix)

 🎤Camelphat & Elderbrook     🔊   Cola (Edo & Vasiliy Arefiev Remix)

 🎤Bionik Phunk     🔊   In My Head (Atfcs Timmy in My Head Remix)

 🎤Block & Crown, Lissat     🔊   Swingin’ Sultan (Nudisco Edit)

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