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👉Welcome to place👋, where EURODANCE🔊 still live🔊

Welcome time traveler. It is 1990. We are just discovering the greatest hits of EuroDance music. Before us 10 years of awesome music. So stay with us. Listen to music wherever you want, at home, at work or on vacation. Remember your DJ plays all the time.

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🤘[MEGAMIX] EuroDance 90s [vol6] Fast energetic mix☢️ VA Captain Hollywood Project, Poco Loco, Alici

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Whazaaa🤙. I love Saturday for many reasons✅. It’s free day, I don’t must go to work👩‍🚀 (I hope u 2💪), I can be lazy🦥, and I don’t need anything😇. Another reason why I love  Saturday❤️ is because on yourdj page appears new euro dance mix🎶. Yea🤘. I love music🎵, love 90s🪩, love euro dance❤️. We must remember euro dance is not only dance music. It’s also euro house, euro trance, italian disco and some faster kinds of dance from 140 to 180 bpm. Yes, it’s fast💨. For me, the best tempo is 140 bpm👌 because I was born in 140 bpm times🥹. This is why, in this mix, we start from 140 bpm✅ and finish at 180 bpm🏁. It’s fast mix with fast tempo songs🎶. I know this mix it’s not for everyone🙃, but my mission is brought to live all kinds styles of euro dance from 90s👀.

What’s next? Stay with my, write any comment💬, subscribe channel🤝 like👍 or dislike post👎. All your action matter and mobilize me to work🤜🤛.

Mix is shorter than usually, but I choose 14 songs it takes 26 minutes⏰.

You can listen artist/bands: 🎤Alana 🎤Cobalt 🎤Captain Hollywood Project 🎤Mato Grosso 🎤Ministry Of Sound 🎤Slam 🎤Poco Loco 🎤24 K 🎤Channel 1 🎤Koka 🎤Mega Man 🎤Universe 🎤Alici 🎤4 Tune Fairytales

Songs title: 🔊 The Good Times (FM Mix) 🔊 Look At Me (D.FloorFiller Mix) 🔊 Flying High (Extended Mix) 🔊 Moai (Drop Your Mania Mix) 🔊 Nobody (Black And White Mix) (MS) 🔊 U Got 2 Know (Doodappenbadappen) (Yankee Doodle Mix) 🔊 I’m The One (Italo Mix) 🔊 Stop The Lightning (Dynamic Radio Mix) 🔊 Wake Up From Your Trance (Piano Mix) 🔊 They Don’t Care About Us (High Voltage) 🔊 Mega Man (DJ Alici Remix) 🔊 Everybody Is A Star (Extended Edit) 🔊 Angel Of Love (Original Mix) 🔊 My Little Fantasy (Extended Version) 🔊

Full track list like usually look to comments section. See u soon.

🫶Party House Music MIX vol.1 |VA – Will Smith, Daft Punk, Hoster, Block & Crown 35minutes, 14tracks

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Hello🖖 crazy party people🤘. If anybody asks you, why do you love music❤️? What’s will be your answer🤔? If somebody asks me this question, I will answer💬. I love music because when I put on my headphones🎧 and turn music on📢, then I can close my eyes👀 and I can be anywhere🌍, and I can do everything🦸‍♂️. Yes, I am a bit crazy, but who care🤪? When I listen the music and close eyes with imagination, my world can be like I want🙃. That why I love music🎶. With today mix we can go to house party🪩 on sunny🌅 beach🏖 with colorful drinks🍹, sands🏝 and hot sea🌊. It no maters where are you now, come we to my house party👈.

This mix a little shorter than usually, but now I will record shorter mix with more songs,35 minutes and 14 tracks, I hope you like it✅.

In this mix you can hear artists / bands: 🎤Jade 🎤Will Smith 🎤Daft Punk 🎤Diplo & SIDEPIECE 🎤Hoster 🎤Me & My Toothbrush 🎤M1 Music 🎤50 Cent x Bissett 🎤Ben Rainey 🎤Block & Crown 🎤Marshall Jefferson & Solardo 🎤Black Caviar 🎤Block & Crown 🎤Paul Johnson

Songs: 🔊 Don’t Walk Away (Pastel Blue Edit) (Extended Mix) (Clean) 🔊 Gettin Jiggy Wit It (Block & Crown Remix) (So Acclaimed Edit) (Clean) 🔊 Get Lucky (Jenia Smile & Ser Twister Remix) (Clean) 🔊 On My Mind (Purple Disco Machine Remix) (Clean Extended) 🔊 House Thing(Original Mix) 🔊 Gold Member (Clean) (Extended) 🔊 The Truth (Club Mix) 🔊 Disco Inferno Every Single Time (INSPIRE Mashup) (Dirty) 🔊 Rapture (Extended Mix) 🔊 Baker Funkin’ (Original Mix) 🔊 Move Your Body (Extended Mix) 🔊 Mr Vain (Extended Mix) (Clean) 🔊 Pump The Stride (Original Mix) 🔊 Get Get Down (Jean Luc Tribute Remix) (Clean) 🔊

🔊PLAY House Music – relax 1 | Best chill out, calm, relaxing groove, nudisco, jacking, funky house

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Helllooo party people🖖. I hope all is fine💪. I have something new for you😱. My beautiful wife❤️ asked me to record some house music. So, I take my favorites house track and feel this vibe🫶. I called it “Relax vol1” because I play chill out, calm songs but with a secret power🤘. I’m was doing my best, so I choose right song and select best parts of this song, thanks to in 1 hour and 10 minute I play 25 songs✅.

I hope u enjoy! Stay with the power of music!🔊🫶

🎤Charles J 🎤Serge Funk 🎤Sebb Junior 🎤Disko Junkie 🎤Suzanne Vega 🎤Purple Disco Machine ft Joe Killington & Duane Harden 🎤Mat.Joe 🎤Nora En Pure 🎤Mousse T 🎤House Of Prayers Crazibiza 🎤KC Lights 🎤Spiller & Sophie Ellis Bextor 🎤Block & Crown, Lenny Fontana 🎤Ferreck Dawn 🎤Block & Crown, Seance 🎤Aretha Franklin, Kisch & Joell Fender 🎤Quin Pearson 🎤Block & Crown, Paul Parsons 🎤Purple Disco Machine 🎤Phil Fuldner 🎤Sonique Vs Ultra Nate x Ibitaly & Gregor Salto 🎤blanc 🎤Georgia 🎤WEISS & Harry Romero

🔊 Paris Latino (Charles J Remix) 🔊 You & I (Clean Extended) 🔊 A Piece Of Me (Jarred Gallo Remix) (Clean Extended) 🔊 I Like To Party (Clean Extended) 🔊 Tom’s Diner (CHAPP Edit) (Clean) 🔊 Devil In Me (Clean) (Extended) 🔊 Ya Know (Clean Extended) 🔊 Saltwater (Clean) (Extended) 🔊 Horny (Kibou & So.Close Mashup) 🔊 Stomp (New York Detroit) (Original Mix) 🔊 Luna (Clean Extended) 🔊 Groovejet (If This Ain’t Love) (Earth N Days & Jerome Robins Remix) (Clean) 🔊 When I Loved You (Club Mix) [PornoStar Records] 🔊 Louisiana (Clean Extended) 🔊 I Want Your Love (2021 Club Mix) 🔊 Deeper Love Through The Phone (Joe Reece Mashup) (Clean) 🔊 Lifting Me (Clean Extended) 🔊 Shout (Original Mix) 🔊 Emotion (Clean Extended) 🔊 That Girl (Extended Mix) 🔊 It Feels So Free (Dave Bolton Mashup) (Clean) 🔊 Coolio – Gangsta’s Paradise (Mike & Me Edit) 🔊 Never Let You Go (MK Remix) (Clean Extended) 🔊 Where Do We Go (A-Trak Remix) (Clean Extended) 🔊 Groovin’ To The Beat (Original Mix) 🔊  

🪩[MEGAMIX] EuroDance 90s [vol5] VA | Lee R | Modern Talking | Silent Circle | Loft | Sin with Sebastian

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Paaaarty peeeeeople🔊🪩. Every weekend I’m recording🔴 new mix with euro dance tracks🎶, I’m selecting the best sound for you👈. In VOL5 you can hear many good knowing tracks👌, I play some slower, chill songs📉 and faster, energy track📈. This mix is unbalanced. We are going up👆 and down👇 for a wail. Not everything is perfected mixed🖖, but I was focused on better track selection and playing best part of songs💪. VOL5 is ready to play⏯, so listen it on mixcloud or YouTube. Hope you like my passion and like this mix✅. See you soon, party people and stay with 90s.🔊

What awaits you in this set?

In this set you can listen artis like:🎤Lee R 🎤Modern Talking 🎤Silent Circle 🎤Bomm-Bastic 🎤Urban Cookie Collective 🎤Corona 🎤Jim Soulier 🎤D.P.R. 🎤Wildside 🎤D.J. Maxx 🎤Tellus 🎤Daisy Dee 🎤JT Company 🎤Plumpi 🎤Sin With Sebastian 🎤Eclipse Feat. Angela Martin 🎤Desy Moore 🎤2 Brothers On The 4th Floor 🎤Club Soul 🎤D.I.P. 🎤Loft 🎤D.C.A.C. 🎤PeCh

Song: 🔊 Tarzan Boy 🔊 Cheri Cheri Lady ’98 🔊 Touch In The Night ’98 🔊 99 Red Ballons (Techno Mix) 🔊 The Key, The Secret (Glamourously Developed Mix) 🔊 Magic Touch 🔊 Coat Of Many Colours 🔊 Call Me (Original Mix) 🔊 Dance Into The Light 🔊 You’re In The Army Now (Original Mix) 🔊 Take Me Up (X-tended Mix) 🔊 Just Jump (Extended Mix) 🔊 Live My Life (Club Mix) 🔊 Coming Into My Life (Air Play) 🔊 Shut Up (And Sleep With Me) (YMCA Mix) 🔊 Change Your Love (Love And Crime Mix) 🔊 You’re My Love (Woody’s Underground Mix) 🔊 Living In Cyberspace (Extended Version)\ 🔊 I’ll Be The One (Factory Team Remix) 🔊 Give Me Your Lovin (Club Dance Mix) 🔊 Mallorca (Extended Beach Mix) 🔊 When The Feeling Is Right (Radio Edit) 🔊 Blinded By The Light (Def By The Mix) 🔊

Music from: 1993 to 1999

Tempo from 115 to 150 BPM

❤️[MEGAMIX] EuroDance 90s [vol4] VA| 22 tracks is 59 minutes| SNAP! / The Bang Gang / D-Natural / 2AM

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Hello 👋 Party people 🪩 Ready to lunch 🚀 MEGAMIX of EuroDance from 90s? I hope so💪. This time we start with 🔥MEGA BANGER “Snap! – Rhythm Is A Dancer” of course in original version🔊 (not any remix). At the finish you also can hear ❤️beautiful BANGER with fantastic VOCA🎤L. I will not reveal what it is, let be a surprise for you🤩.

In this set you can listen artis like: 🎤Snap! 🎤The Bang Gang Feat. Conchita 🎤Voice Of Buddha 🎤D-Natural 🎤Sharada House Gang Feat. Ann Marie Smith 🎤Voltage 🎤Sold Out 🎤The PC Groove Sensation 🎤Waldo 🎤Decadance 🎤D-Night 🎤2 A.M. 🎤Activate 🎤Dream Project 🎤Discosluts 🎤Alter Ego Feat. Daisy Dee 🎤DJ Company 🎤E-Type 🎤2 Colors 🎤DJ Igo 🎤Dancefloor Syndroma

Greats hits like: 🔊 Rhythm Is A Dancer (12” Mix) 🔊 Bang Gang Night (Extended All Night Mix) 🔊 Can You Hear The Voice Of Buddha (Interaction Mix) 🔊 Dr. Beat (D-Extended) 🔊 Dancing Through The Night (Extended Mix) 🔊 Positively (Club Mix) 🔊 Hey Hoh (12” Eurodance Mix) 🔊 Sweet Love (Jazzy’s Blue Radio Mix) 🔊 Feel So Good (Optical 2 House Remix) 🔊 Latin Lover (Extended Version) 🔊 Your Eyez 🔊 Celebrate 🔊 Save Me (Birch & Chris Remix) 🔊 Take A Chance (The Mix) 🔊 Let’s All Chant (Radio Mix) 🔊 Dance (If You Cannot) (Euroremix) 🔊 Holiday In The Land Of Love (DJ Company Club Mix) 🔊 This Is The Way (Extended) 🔊 I Feel Alive (Extended Mix) 🔊 Far Away (L.A. Extended Mix) 🔊 Dancefloor Syndroma (Don’t Stop The Dance Mix) 🔊 Forever Mine

I play music from 1992 to 1997 🗓 Tempo from: 124 to 150 bpm.

🪩[MEGAMIX] EuroDance 90s [vol3] VA| 21 tracks is 54 minutes| Eurogroove / Farmhouse / Funtime Club

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Hello again👋 party people🪩, it is Sunday☀️ so today I upload new music set🎶. This time we have 54 minutes⏱ of FUN 🕺with 21 tracks🤩. Energy, dance and mega positive set👍🔊. Of course my mission🚀 is to do not forget lesser knows songs so I play it in this mix🍻. Of course you can found a few bangers🔥. ENJOY. Stay with EURODANCE💪. 
You can listen to the great artists like: 🎤S-Sense 🎤Whigfield 🎤The Weather Girls 🎤Escapade 🎤Eurogroove 🎤To Kool Chris 🎤Fanny Cadeo 🎤Farmhouse 🎤Little Adrian 🎤Freebee 🎤Fun Factory 🎤E-Type 🎤Rozlyne Clarke 🎤Einstein Doctor DJ 🎤Free 2 Dance 🎤Shannon 🎤Funtime Club 🎤Hype 🎤S-Cape 🎤Rotation 🎤Sheilah 
I play songs from: 1993 to 1998.
Tempo is from: 128 bpm to 150 bpm.

️🔊[MEGAMIX] EuroDance 90s still live [vol2] VA | 26 tracks is 62 minutes | Silja / Volta / Renegade

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Hello👋 party freaks🪩. My mission🚀 is to remind you, dear listener all great hits from 1990 to 2000🕺. In this set I play some less popular songs however worth your attention and a few bangers🔥🔊.
What awaits you in this set❓High energy, music in dance style, you can’t sit and hear it because your legs will be moving and dancing. So listen loud🔊🔊🔊
Music from 1994 to 1997🗓
🔊You can hear great artis like:
🎤Rio & Mars
🎤The Olivia Project Feat. Paula
🎤Sequential One
🎤T.H. Express
🎤Trey D.
🎤T.H.K. Feat. Mic❤️
🎤Wild Card Feat. Chantal
🎤Solid Base
🎤Mr. President❤️
🎤No Name
🎤Re-O-Do Feat. CCR❤️
BPM from 134 to 165⏱

️🔥[MEGAMIX] EuroDance 90s still live [vol1] VA | Graffiti | Housecream | J.V. Project | X-Fader🔊

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Hello👋 party people🪩. Eurodance🔊 still live in our hearts❤️. My mission🚀 is to remind you, dear listener all great hits of the 90s🕺. In this set I play some less popular songs however worth your attention.
What awaits you in this set❓High energy, music in dance style, you can’t sit and hear it because your legs will be moving and dancing.
Music from 1994 to 1998🗓
🔊You can hear great artis like:
🎤Porn Kings
🎤Mary Kiani
🎤Whistless Beat
🎤The Lovers
🎤New System
🎤J.V. Project❤️
🎤The Wonder Band
🎤Mr. President
🎤Vertical Vibe
🎤Jesus X-Tasy
🎤Top Ten
BPM from 130 to 160⏱

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