Eurodance vol 17 MEGAMIX Sentimental journey through the 90s by yourDJ

Ahhh the ’90s. One of the most iconic eras of popular music, and a time when Eurodance ruled the charts. It was the decade that gave us 2 Unlimited’s “No Limit,” DJ BoBo’s “Everybody,” Ace Of Base’s “All That She Wants”, and many more dancefloor classics. Eurodance in this era blended high-energy house and techno rhythms with happy pop melodies that were designed to keep everyone dancing until dawn! The genre brought some seriously fun jams to clubs and stadiums across Europe, establishing it as one of the most popular genres not just of the 1990s but of all-time! Who can forget the infectious beat and saxophone riff from Corona’s ‘Rhythm Of The Night? All in all, if you want to relive those carefree days of going out clubbing before sunrise on a Saturday night then switch on your favorite Eurodance hits – you won’t be disappointed!

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