Mix House Music 2022 – Remix Hits: Cold as ice, Another day in paradise, Self control |yourDJ V002

Hello 👋 party people in this mix of house music you can hear well-known songs in the new house remixes🔊. Sometimes it will be a calm deep house remix but sometime it will be an energy funky /groove sound❤️. Also, I added a couple of songs that I think fit great🎶. The best of the best from the 2022 house remix. I hope you like it.

In this playlist yourDJ plays:

🎤Block & Crown 🔊 Cold As Ice (Original Mix)
🎤Nari 🔊 Waitin Tonight (Original Mix)
🎤Nari 🔊 Another Day (Original Mix)
🎤Block & Crown 🔊 Ma Quale Idea (Club Mix)
🎤Ghostbusterz, Donna 🔊 Everlasting Love (Original Mix)
🎤Block & Crown 🔊 Betty Davis (Original Mix)
🎤Funky Gurlz 🔊 Lambada Hippin (Original Mix)
🎤Block & Crown, Lissat 🔊 Send Me An Angel (Original Mix)
🎤Mr Jay 🔊 I Need A Lover (Original Mix)
🎤Nari 🔊 Tell Me The Night (Original Mix)
🎤Block & Crown 🔊 We Are Alone Now (Original Mix)
🎤Ghostbusterz, Jesus Davila 🔊 Baila (Original Club Mix)
🎤Toto 🔊 Africa (KAMARENA Remix) (Clean)
🎤Laura Branigan 🔊 Self Control (Sgt Slicks Melbourne ReCut)
🎤Sebb Junior 🔊 A Piece Of Me (Jarred Gallo Remix) (Clean Extended)
🎤Adri Block & Chris Marina 🔊 Piano Powah (Block & Crown Eivissa Mix) [God Made Me Funky]
🎤Joseph Sinatra, Zetaphunk, M-Violet 🔊 One Way Ticket (Original Mix)
🎤Wh0, Zirretta 🔊 Show Me Your Love (Extended Mix)
🎤Ghostbusterz 🔊 Teardrops (Original Mix)

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