MEGAMIX – Eurodance vol. 11 | LOVE 4 FREE ❤️ Calm chill mood by YOUR.DJ

Hello paaarty freaks🥳🤝

First things first, sorry for delay, my plan was to upload every Friday new eurodance mix🪩 then I changed it to Saturday where I have more time, but this time I missed one day📆. I have new gear and a few problems with understanding how it works🧠, that’s why I’m late. But all in all, new eurodance mix is live🔴. This time my main plan was to get some more chill and calm tunes🎶. You know is not only living in party tunes 😀 sometimes is good to fell calm, love vibe❤️. I hope you like it 👍 

Stay with power of music!💪

PS: Big thanks for your subs, we have reached 1169 subs and 153 949 views. OMG it’s amazing, thanks!


🎤Village People 🔊 Go West (Remix)
🎤2 Colors 🔊 You Look Like The Sun (Euro Beat Radio)
🎤Simone Jay 🔊 Wanna B Like A Man (L. & C. Devotional Club Mix)
🎤The All Beats 🔊 Runaway (Dance Mix)
🎤Capital Sound 🔊 Give A Little Love (Extended Mix)
🎤Dragana 🔊 Up And Down (Extended Mix)
🎤Babe 🔊 Oh My Little Baby Boy (Extended Version)
🎤Future Beat 🔊 X-Tasy (LP-Mix)
🎤M.C. Sar & The Real McCoy 🔊 Run Away (Club Attack Mix)
🎤Tears N’Joy 🔊 Taste Of Love
🎤Scanners 🔊 Pure (Full Mix)
🎤Clay 🔊 Where Is My Life (Radio Mix)
🎤Koko 🔊 Koko
🎤Imperio 🔊 Wings Of Love (Club Mix)
🎤Lies In A Box 🔊 You Take My Heart Away (L.A. Mix)
🎤Taleesa 🔊 Taleesa
🎤DJ Sato Feat. Angela Garrison 🔊 The Winner Takes It All
🎤Movetron 🔊 Romeo & Juliet (Major Mod Mix Original)
🎤Argonauts 🔊 Virtual Dreams (Short Mix)

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