Happy Hardcore vs Maikina Battle of 90s songs |yourDJ mix Eurodance volume 016

Hello👋, this Eurodance mix is different because there is a single Eurodance track🤔. WTF⁉️ Yep, this time is different, I choose my favorite happy hardcore songs and bled them with the genre Mákina it’s some style of hardcore from Spain🔊. All tracks from 90-98. Who wins this battle? MUSIC! 🏆 Stay with the power of music!


🎤Speed Limit     🔊   Cry For Your Love (Speed Mix)

 🎤Interactive     🔊   Forever Young (Extended Version)

 🎤Latin Spirit     🔊   Independent Love Song (Radio Edit)

 🎤Jog     🔊   Future (Summers Version)

 🎤D.J. Dave     🔊   Gangsta’s Paradise (Hard Mix)

 🎤2 Unlimited     🔊   Jump For Joy (Digidance Happy Hardcore Edit)

 🎤DJ Paul Elstak     🔊   Rave On (Extended Mix)

 🎤DJ Paul Elstak     🔊   Rainbow In The Sky (K&A’s Extended Blast)

 🎤Rubio     🔊   I Just Died In Your Arms Tonight (Club Mix)

 🎤DJ Paul Elstak     🔊   Don’t Leave Me Alone (Album Version)

 🎤Scooter     🔊   Friends (Single Edit)

 🎤Blumchen     🔊   Nur Getraumt (Langer Traum Mix)

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