Happy Hardcore vs Maikina Battle of 90s songs |yourDJ mix Eurodance volume 016

Hello馃憢, this Eurodance mix is different because there is a single Eurodance track馃. WTF鈦夛笍 Yep, this time is different, I choose my favorite happy hardcore songs and bled them with the genre M谩kina it’s some style of hardcore from Spain馃攰. All tracks from 90-98. Who wins this battle? MUSIC! 馃弳 Stay with the power of music!


馃帳Speed Limit     馃攰   Cry For Your Love (Speed Mix)

 馃帳Interactive     馃攰   Forever Young (Extended Version)

 馃帳Latin Spirit     馃攰   Independent Love Song (Radio Edit)

 馃帳Jog     馃攰   Future (Summers Version)

 馃帳D.J. Dave     馃攰   Gangsta’s Paradise (Hard Mix)

 馃帳2 Unlimited     馃攰   Jump For Joy (Digidance Happy Hardcore Edit)

 馃帳DJ Paul Elstak     馃攰   Rave On (Extended Mix)

 馃帳DJ Paul Elstak     馃攰   Rainbow In The Sky (K&A’s Extended Blast)

 馃帳Rubio     馃攰   I Just Died In Your Arms Tonight (Club Mix)

 馃帳DJ Paul Elstak     馃攰   Don’t Leave Me Alone (Album Version)

 馃帳Scooter     馃攰   Friends (Single Edit)

 馃帳Blumchen     馃攰   Nur Getraumt (Langer Traum Mix)

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