Eurodance 90s [vol.10.1] –  Top 100 Greatest Eurodance Hits CD1

Hello party people🤘. Since I started a YouTube with eurodance mix🪩, I played 9 different compilations🎶. I used 190 different songs and from these songs I choose best 100 tracks👌. This sound you can hear in Eurodance vol.10✅. Because 100 songs is a lot, vol10 is divided on 3 parts (CD1, CD2, CD3)💿. I would like to thank everybody for your support🙏. YourDJ YouTube channel reach more than 830 subscription and 111 000 uncial views🎥. This is huge numbers! Thanks and stay with power of music💪. 

Track lists:

🎤Lee R 🔊 Tarzan Boy (Radio)
🎤Bandolero Team 🔊 Paris Latino (Reggae ’97)
🎤Silent Circle 🔊 Touch In The Night ’98 (Radio Edit)
🎤Snap! 🔊 Rhythm Is A Dancer (12” Mix)
🎤The Bang Gang Feat. Conchita 🔊 Bang Gang Night (Extended All Night Mix)
🎤Urban Cookie Collective 🔊 The Key, The Secret (Glamourously Developed Mix)
🎤Jim Soulier 🔊 Coat Of Many Colours
🎤D-Natural 🔊 Dr. Beat (D-Extended)
🎤Sharada House Gang Feat. Ann Marie Smith 🔊 Dancing Through The Night (Extended Mix)
🎤Daisy Dee 🔊 Just Jump (Extended Mix)
🎤Decadance 🔊 Latin Lover (Extended Version)
🎤D.P.R. Feat. Xeya 🔊 Call Me (Original Mix)
🎤Waldo 🔊 Feel So Good (Optical 2 House Remix)
🎤Tellus 🔊 Take Me Up (X-tended Mix)
🎤Silja 🔊 Time For Eternity (Straight Ahead Mix)
🎤D-Night 🔊 Your Eyez
🎤Wildside 🔊 Dance Into The Light
🎤Plumpi 🔊 Coming Into My Life (Air Play)
🎤JT Company 🔊 Live My Life (Club Mix)
🎤2 A.M. 🔊 Celebrate
🎤D.J. Maxx 🔊 You’re In The Army Now (Original Mix)
🎤Zodiac 🔊 Come On
🎤Whistless Beat 🔊 Oh Yes (Deaf Whistle)
🎤Dynamic Base 🔊 Africa (Alternative Version)
🎤Masquerade 🔊 Square Room (7” Martello Edit)
🎤Beatmatic 🔊 With You Again (Extended Mix)
🎤Texture 🔊 Power Of Love (Club Mix)
🎤Wienna 🔊 In The Name Of Love (Factory Team Mix)
🎤Venus & Marc 🔊 Xummertime (Extended Tropical Heat Mixx)
🎤Paradisio 🔊 Bailando (Extended Radio Version)
🎤Aqua 🔊 Barbie Girl (Extended Version)
🎤H.S.L. (High State Logic) 🔊 Crime Of Passion (Crime Mix)
🎤Space Master 🔊 Hold Me Baby (Futur Bass Mix)
🎤Atlanta 🔊 What Can I Do (Radio Version)
🎤Motivate 🔊 Can You Feel (The Passion) (UCT Air-Play Mix)
🎤Snipers 🔊 Fire (Bulls-Eye Club Mix)
🎤Miko Mission 🔊 I Can Fly (Vocal Single Mix)

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