🫶Party House Music MIX vol.1 |VA – Will Smith, Daft Punk, Hoster, Block & Crown 35minutes, 14tracks

Hello🖖 crazy party people🤘. If anybody asks you, why do you love music❤️? What’s will be your answer🤔? If somebody asks me this question, I will answer💬. I love music because when I put on my headphones🎧 and turn music on📢, then I can close my eyes👀 and I can be anywhere🌍, and I can do everything🦸‍♂️. Yes, I am a bit crazy, but who care🤪? When I listen the music and close eyes with imagination, my world can be like I want🙃. That why I love music🎶. With today mix we can go to house party🪩 on sunny🌅 beach🏖 with colorful drinks🍹, sands🏝 and hot sea🌊. It no maters where are you now, come we to my house party👈.

This mix a little shorter than usually, but now I will record shorter mix with more songs,35 minutes and 14 tracks, I hope you like it✅.

In this mix you can hear artists / bands: 🎤Jade 🎤Will Smith 🎤Daft Punk 🎤Diplo & SIDEPIECE 🎤Hoster 🎤Me & My Toothbrush 🎤M1 Music 🎤50 Cent x Bissett 🎤Ben Rainey 🎤Block & Crown 🎤Marshall Jefferson & Solardo 🎤Black Caviar 🎤Block & Crown 🎤Paul Johnson

Songs: 🔊 Don’t Walk Away (Pastel Blue Edit) (Extended Mix) (Clean) 🔊 Gettin Jiggy Wit It (Block & Crown Remix) (So Acclaimed Edit) (Clean) 🔊 Get Lucky (Jenia Smile & Ser Twister Remix) (Clean) 🔊 On My Mind (Purple Disco Machine Remix) (Clean Extended) 🔊 House Thing(Original Mix) 🔊 Gold Member (Clean) (Extended) 🔊 The Truth (Club Mix) 🔊 Disco Inferno Every Single Time (INSPIRE Mashup) (Dirty) 🔊 Rapture (Extended Mix) 🔊 Baker Funkin’ (Original Mix) 🔊 Move Your Body (Extended Mix) 🔊 Mr Vain (Extended Mix) (Clean) 🔊 Pump The Stride (Original Mix) 🔊 Get Get Down (Jean Luc Tribute Remix) (Clean) 🔊

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