🧨MEGAMIX Eurodance 90s [vol8] This is 94🪩 The life of the party 🎉 16 HITS Dance form 90s.

This is 94👊. With these lyrics MC Hihat start the song “Power Of Dancing”🎶. Every time when I was creating new playlist the biggest problem for me which song should I start🏁? Which one should be first🏆, which one should be last👎? I never sort from best to worst or from worst to best👍👎. It’s because all songs are the best🚀. In this mix I start “Dynamic Base – Afrika” this song has something inside🌚. Next we go to 95 and meet “Hannah & Her Sisters”👧. Thaht was a night, “Wild Night”. We can also hear “Base of love”,  “The Life Of The Party”. I like this mix👌, because it energy, happy, party eurodance mix🎉🎵. See you see and stay with base of love❤️.

Total length: 32:58
VA used tracks: 16.

Full track list:

0:10 🎤Dynamic Base 🔊 Africa (Alternative Version)
1:26 🎤Hannah & Her Sisters 🔊 You Keep Me Hangin’ On (Illusive Mix)
4:25 🎤Plaza 🔊 Wild Is The Night (Dance Version)
6:38 🎤General Base 🔊 Base Of Love (Extended Version)
9:03 🎤Alana Dante 🔊 The Life Of The Party (Radio Mix)
11:00 🎤Reggy O. 🔊 Move My Body (Extended Version)
14:05 🎤Masterboy 🔊 Show Me Colours (Good Friends Vocal Mix)
16:05 🎤Jill Dreski 🔊 Heartbreaker (Factory Team Remix)
17:45 🎤Megatronic & MC Hihat 🔊 Power Of Dancing (Deejays Mix)
20:15 🎤Activate 🔊 Hypnotized
21:20 🎤Rytmica 🔊 Partytime (Hehehe Hohoho) (Extended Hit Mix)
22:45 🎤Afrika Bambaataa Presents Khayan & The New World Power 🔊 Feel The Vibe (Extended Club Mix)
24:30 🎤Catalana 🔊 The Summer Of Love (Extended Version)
27:00 🎤O Mega 🔊 Desire (F16 Mix)
28:30 🎤Sandy 🔊 Bad Boy (DWA Long Mix)
31:00 🎤Solid Base 🔊 Dance To The Beat (Techno Mix)

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