🤘[MEGAMIX] EuroDance 90s [vol6] Fast energetic mix☢️ VA Captain Hollywood Project, Poco Loco, Alici

Whazaaa🤙. I love Saturday for many reasons✅. It’s free day, I don’t must go to work👩‍🚀 (I hope u 2💪), I can be lazy🦥, and I don’t need anything😇. Another reason why I love  Saturday❤️ is because on yourdj page appears new euro dance mix🎶. Yea🤘. I love music🎵, love 90s🪩, love euro dance❤️. We must remember euro dance is not only dance music. It’s also euro house, euro trance, italian disco and some faster kinds of dance from 140 to 180 bpm. Yes, it’s fast💨. For me, the best tempo is 140 bpm👌 because I was born in 140 bpm times🥹. This is why, in this mix, we start from 140 bpm✅ and finish at 180 bpm🏁. It’s fast mix with fast tempo songs🎶. I know this mix it’s not for everyone🙃, but my mission is brought to live all kinds styles of euro dance from 90s👀.

What’s next? Stay with my, write any comment💬, subscribe channel🤝 like👍 or dislike post👎. All your action matter and mobilize me to work🤜🤛.

Mix is shorter than usually, but I choose 14 songs it takes 26 minutes⏰.

You can listen artist/bands: 🎤Alana 🎤Cobalt 🎤Captain Hollywood Project 🎤Mato Grosso 🎤Ministry Of Sound 🎤Slam 🎤Poco Loco 🎤24 K 🎤Channel 1 🎤Koka 🎤Mega Man 🎤Universe 🎤Alici 🎤4 Tune Fairytales

Songs title: 🔊 The Good Times (FM Mix) 🔊 Look At Me (D.FloorFiller Mix) 🔊 Flying High (Extended Mix) 🔊 Moai (Drop Your Mania Mix) 🔊 Nobody (Black And White Mix) (MS) 🔊 U Got 2 Know (Doodappenbadappen) (Yankee Doodle Mix) 🔊 I’m The One (Italo Mix) 🔊 Stop The Lightning (Dynamic Radio Mix) 🔊 Wake Up From Your Trance (Piano Mix) 🔊 They Don’t Care About Us (High Voltage) 🔊 Mega Man (DJ Alici Remix) 🔊 Everybody Is A Star (Extended Edit) 🔊 Angel Of Love (Original Mix) 🔊 My Little Fantasy (Extended Version) 🔊

Full track list like usually look to comments section. See u soon.

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