🎵Party House Music vol.4 |VA – Purple Disco Machine, Shouse, Junior Jack, 32minutes, 14tracks

Ooooook🧐. Ready for your training🏋️‍♂️? Lets me see your hands🙌. Push up, and down, take it slow, now move your body all the around🔥. 5, 6, 7, 8. Nice, looking good👏. If we are in good rhythm🪩, so let’s do some move with „GhostMaster – Dance for me”. Play House music vol. 4 for some good time, if you like to dance💃, you can do it now. Now it’s good time for your move and dance, you can’t dance? Don’t worry, I also can’t dance😄, but it’s no problem🥳. We can make it together and dance like dance noob. Party people🪩, I’m losing control with Illyus & Barrientos.  Calm down and let’s play „Body Funk”🚀. All I need is your love, tonight. It’s all🤝.

Mix length: 31:34
Tracks blended: 14

Artists: 🎤Superlover 🎤GhostMasters 🎤Illyus & Barrientos 🎤Bissett Vs Tori Amos, Armand Van Helden & Erick Decks 🎤Tag Team x Eats Everything 🎤Purple Disco Machine 🎤GhostMasters 🎤Cheesecake Boys 🎤Shouse 🎤Kokiri 🎤Roger Sanchez 🎤Wongo 🎤Junior Jack 🎤Sister Sledge

Full tracklist:

0:10 🎤Superlover 🔊 Work My Body (Extended Mix)
2:50 🎤GhostMasters 🔊 Dance For Me (Extended Mix)
5:30 🎤Illyus & Barrientos 🔊 Losing Control (Clean Extended)
7:00 🎤Bissett Vs Tori Amos, Armand Van Helden & Erick Decks 🔊 Every Single Widow (Discosid Mashup) (Clean)
9:20 🎤Tag Team x Eats Everything 🔊 Whoomp x Horny (No Rasputin)(G Fire Rework Mashup) (Clean)
11:40 🎤Purple Disco Machine 🔊 Body Funk (Clean) (Extended)
13:30 🎤GhostMasters 🔊 All Humps (Extended Mix)
16:15 🎤Cheesecake Boys 🔊 Funky Monday (Crazibiza) (Crazibiza Remix Cut)
19:05 🎤Shouse 🔊 Love Tonight (Charles J Remix) (Clean)
21:33 🎤Kokiri 🔊 Disco Tool (Clean Extended)
22:50 🎤Roger Sanchez 🔊 2Gether (Eden Prince Remix)
24:30 🎤Wongo 🔊 The Preacher (Extended Mix)
26:00 🎤Junior Jack 🔊 Stupidisco (David Penn Extended Remix)
29:18 🎤Sister Sledge 🔊 We Are Family (Discoclap Remix)

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