Welcome to yourDJ👋, where Eurodance still lives 🪩. I love music❤️ and love the 90s❤️. So I created your.dj👈. It came from a passion for music🔊. Every week I’m creating a new mix⬆️, upload it on YouTube🎬 and put it here🚀. So, firstly, I am happy about your visit🫵. Thanks for your support, all comments, subscriptions, and listens⭐️. I never expected such a reaction💪. It’s absolutely awesome🤯. 

Thanks and stay with the power of music🧨🎶

Bem-vindo ao yourDJ👋, onde a Eurodance ainda vive 🪩. Eu amo music❤️ e amo o 90s❤️. Por isso, criei seu.dj👈. Veio de uma paixão por music🔊. Toda semana eu estou criando um novo mix⬆️, carregue-o em YouTube🎬 e coloque-o here🚀. Portanto, em primeiro lugar, estou feliz com seu visit🫵. Obrigado por seu apoio, todos os comentários, assinaturas, e listens⭐️. Eu nunca esperei tal reaction💪. É absolutamente awesome🤯. 

Obrigado e fique com o poder de music🧨🎶.

your.DJ last mix:

Party House Music vol.5 – Hard House, Tech-House

Party House vol.5 is ready to play, and you⁉️ This time I decided to choose some more "hard" / heavy" house🏋️. But don't worry, it's not too much. I love sound from "DONT BLINK"❤️, when ...
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Eurodance 90s [Vol.9] 😈MEGAMIX Dance – 140BPM – Energy&happy MIX

Hello party people👋🎉, it's time for some new (old) eurodance mix👈. I choose some less popular but very energetic sound⚡️. All megamix is positive😄, dancing💃🕺, and I guarantee you when you are listening it you ...
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🎵Party House Music vol.4 |VA – Purple Disco Machine, Shouse, Junior Jack, 32minutes, 14tracks

Ooooook🧐. Ready for your training🏋️‍♂️? Lets me see your hands🙌. Push up, and down, take it slow, now move your body all the around🔥. 5, 6, 7, 8. Nice, looking good👏. If we are in ...
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🧨VA 10 hits from 80s | PoP, Rock, R&B, Soul | Eagle Eye Cherry, Survivor

This is my favorites 10 songs from the 80s🧨. There was one exception, but that's because I figured it would fit well here🪩. For me, it's hard to mix it because I don't have experience ...
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🧨MEGAMIX Eurodance 90s [vol8] This is 94🪩 The life of the party 🎉 16 HITS Dance form 90s.

This is 94👊. With these lyrics MC Hihat start the song "Power Of Dancing"🎶. Every time when I was creating new playlist the biggest problem for me which song should I start🏁? Which one should ...
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☀️Party House Music vol.3 |VA – Soulshakin, Block & Crown, Disco Gurls, 32minutes, 13tracks

Ready for some good sound🔊🔊🔊? Play House Party vol. 3 is ready to launch🚀. This time mix is in hot🔥, sunny☀️ climates. It is a good break⏳ for your soul👻. Ok, today no more talking🗣, ...
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🎵 [MEGAMIX] EuroDance 90s [vol7] Close your eyes, come to paradise🏝 Paris Latino, Bailando, Xummertime

👋I have advised for you🫵, close your eyes👀 and come to paradise🏝. Eurodance vol7 is one of my favorites 90s mix🪩. We start with magic🪄 "Paris Latino", go to "Over and over" from Captain Hollywood ...
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🤜🤛Party House Music Mix vol.2 |VA – Blackstreet, Disco Gurls, Block & Crown, 38minutes, 14tracks

HELLOO everybody🤜🤛, the eagle has landed🌙. House party vol. 2 now was published🎵💨. What's you can found in this mix❓ I choose 14 sunny☀️, positive tracks🌄 and blended it for 38 minutes⏲. I started with ...
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🤘[MEGAMIX] EuroDance 90s [vol6] Fast energetic mix☢️ VA Captain Hollywood Project, Poco Loco, Alici

Whazaaa🤙. I love Saturday for many reasons✅. It's free day, I don't must go to work👩‍🚀 (I hope u 2💪), I can be lazy🦥, and I don't need anything😇. Another reason why I love Saturday❤️ ...
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🫶Party House Music MIX vol.1 |VA – Will Smith, Daft Punk, Hoster, Block & Crown 35minutes, 14tracks

Hello🖖 crazy party people🤘. If anybody asks you, why do you love music❤️? What's will be your answer🤔? If somebody asks me this question, I will answer💬. I love music because when I put on ...
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🔊PLAY House Music – relax 1 | Best chill out, calm, relaxing groove, nudisco, jacking, funky house

Helllooo party people🖖. I hope all is fine💪. I have something new for you😱. My beautiful wife❤️ asked me to record some house music. So, I take my favorites house track and feel this vibe🫶 ...
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🪩[MEGAMIX] EuroDance 90s [vol5] VA | Lee R | Modern Talking | Silent Circle | Loft | Sin with Sebastian

Paaaarty peeeeeople🔊🪩. Every weekend I'm recording🔴 new mix with euro dance tracks🎶, I'm selecting the best sound for you👈. In VOL5 you can hear many good knowing tracks👌, I play some slower, chill songs📉 and ...
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❤️[MEGAMIX] EuroDance 90s [vol4] VA| 22 tracks is 59 minutes| SNAP! / The Bang Gang / D-Natural / 2AM

Hello 👋 Party people 🪩 Ready to lunch 🚀 MEGAMIX of EuroDance from 90s? I hope so💪. This time we start with 🔥MEGA BANGER "Snap! - Rhythm Is A Dancer" of course in original version🔊 ...
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🪩[MEGAMIX] EuroDance 90s [vol3] VA| 21 tracks is 54 minutes| Eurogroove / Farmhouse / Funtime Club

Hello again👋 party people🪩, it is Sunday☀️ so today I upload new music set🎶. This time we have 54 minutes⏱ of FUN 🕺with 21 tracks🤩. Energy, dance and mega positive set👍🔊. Of course my mission🚀 ...
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️🔊[MEGAMIX] EuroDance 90s still live [vol2] VA | 26 tracks is 62 minutes | Silja / Volta / Renegade

Hello👋 party freaks🪩. My mission🚀 is to remind you, dear listener all great hits from 1990 to 2000🕺. In this set I play some less popular songs however worth your attention and a few bangers🔥🔊.What ...
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️🔥[MEGAMIX] EuroDance 90s still live [vol1] VA | Graffiti | Housecream | J.V. Project | X-Fader🔊

Hello👋 party people🪩. Eurodance🔊 still live in our hearts❤️. My mission🚀 is to remind you, dear listener all great hits of the 90s🕺. In this set I play some less popular songs however worth your ...
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Eurodance 90’s music was a golden era of electronic popmusic! This was a time when the boundaries between rap, techno, and rock were shattered in creating uplifting and energetic dance anthems. The most successful group from this decade include Amber, Cappella, 2 Unlimited, La Bouche, Dr. Alban and Scooter – who have become iconic party starters worldwide with their irresistible beats combined with memorable choruses that create an unforgettable atmosphere on any dancefloor. Eurodance 90’s tracks are always associated with nostalgia: as soon as you hear them you can’t help but smile and you’ll be ready to groove all night long!

Oh, the 90s! What an amazing time in dance music history – from catchy Spice Girls and Backstreet Boys pop songs to the infectious beats of house, techno and trance dominating the dancefloors. So many unforgettable memories were made dancing to classic hits like “Sandstorm” by Darude and “Insomnia” by Faithless. The energy created was truly electrifying as each beat seemed to go on forever, inciting feelings of pure joy every single time. It was a thrilling era full of momentous music moments that no one will ever forget!

A DJ set mix is an art form all its own. It requires finding the right selection of songs and transitioning between them in a seamless, creative way. It’s the skillful blending of vocals and beats to create energy and emotion on the dance floor. DJs dovetail tunes using a range of techniques such as double drops, beatmatching or mixing with plugins like wavestables, loopers and samplers. As each track carries a different weight so will a casual DJ set which relies on non-conventional techniques and interpretations along with riffs from other genres for unexpected texture, flavor and depth of sound. Casual dj sets are usually more relaxed when it comes to selecting tracks whilst trying out new things at the same time bringing fresh vibes to keep your audience engaged.

Playlist music is a convenient and cost-effective way for music lovers to access a broad selection of tracks. Playlists can be genre-specific, enabling users to search for music by specific style or artist, or may provide a taste of what’s available overall in a particular platform. This variety of options allows listeners to curate their own personalized music collections that can be enjoyed almost anywhere and on any device. The simple process of creating playlists eliminates the hassle of downloading individual songs, which makes it especially ideal for businesses looking to source music quickly and cost effectively. When compared with other royalty free music services, playlist libraries offer more economical pricing models that can fit any budget type.