🪩[MEGAMIX] EuroDance 90s [vol5] VA | Lee R | Modern Talking | Silent Circle | Loft | Sin with Sebastian

Paaaarty peeeeeople🔊🪩. Every weekend I’m recording🔴 new mix with euro dance tracks🎶, I’m selecting the best sound for you👈. In VOL5 you can hear many good knowing tracks👌, I play some slower, chill songs📉 and faster, energy track📈. This mix is unbalanced. We are going up👆 and down👇 for a wail. Not everything is perfected mixed🖖, but I was focused on better track selection and playing best part of songs💪. VOL5 is ready to play⏯, so listen it on mixcloud or YouTube. Hope you like my passion and like this mix✅. See you soon, party people and stay with 90s.🔊

What awaits you in this set?

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In this set you can listen artis like:🎤Lee R 🎤Modern Talking 🎤Silent Circle 🎤Bomm-Bastic 🎤Urban Cookie Collective 🎤Corona 🎤Jim Soulier 🎤D.P.R. 🎤Wildside 🎤D.J. Maxx 🎤Tellus 🎤Daisy Dee 🎤JT Company 🎤Plumpi 🎤Sin With Sebastian 🎤Eclipse Feat. Angela Martin 🎤Desy Moore 🎤2 Brothers On The 4th Floor 🎤Club Soul 🎤D.I.P. 🎤Loft 🎤D.C.A.C. 🎤PeCh

Song: 🔊 Tarzan Boy 🔊 Cheri Cheri Lady ’98 🔊 Touch In The Night ’98 🔊 99 Red Ballons (Techno Mix) 🔊 The Key, The Secret (Glamourously Developed Mix) 🔊 Magic Touch 🔊 Coat Of Many Colours 🔊 Call Me (Original Mix) 🔊 Dance Into The Light 🔊 You’re In The Army Now (Original Mix) 🔊 Take Me Up (X-tended Mix) 🔊 Just Jump (Extended Mix) 🔊 Live My Life (Club Mix) 🔊 Coming Into My Life (Air Play) 🔊 Shut Up (And Sleep With Me) (YMCA Mix) 🔊 Change Your Love (Love And Crime Mix) 🔊 You’re My Love (Woody’s Underground Mix) 🔊 Living In Cyberspace (Extended Version)\ 🔊 I’ll Be The One (Factory Team Remix) 🔊 Give Me Your Lovin (Club Dance Mix) 🔊 Mallorca (Extended Beach Mix) 🔊 When The Feeling Is Right (Radio Edit) 🔊 Blinded By The Light (Def By The Mix) 🔊

Music from: 1993 to 1999

Tempo from 115 to 150 BPM

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